More fine tuning

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More fine tuning
I did a bit more fine-tuning of the entire PkgAds system, including:
  • Reformatted the "winning bid for ad" email.
  • Demo users can now change graphic of type "template".
  • The type icon in the graphics list now includes a link to directly change the graphic.
  • The PrintClient visible log is now actually containing log lines.
  • The PrintClient table that displays all the printed ads now update correctly if something changes.
  • Added "Customer" column to the PrintClient ad table.
  • The PrintClient table is now color coded, green for printed, yellow for busy, etc.
  • You can now "retry" to print an ad with PrintClient by right-clicking on the ad and selecting "Retry".
  • Added "Printed" (yes, not) in the PrintClient ad table.
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