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What follows is a list of articles on the internet about different PkgAds features: PkgAds simulation mode explained https://medium.com/@pkgads/pkgads-simulation-mode-explained-3260a7bf25e8

08-06-2023 11:51

Demo graphics and graphic editor

In today's update, the graphics for demo accounts have been redesigned. The graphic editor has also received an update, most noticeable is that the block icons are working again.

08-06-2023 10:33

Request for help

The email order configuration page for shops now has a link to a "request help" form. When a publisher submits this form, we'll try to do the email order configuration for you. Communication, if needed, will be done through private messages. Handy for[...]

31-05-2023 09:47



31-05-2023 09:44

Design fine tuning and email order configuration

I've fine-tuned and fixed a few bugs in the new front and backend design. In addition, the email order configuration form has been redesigned to make the email configuration of shops easier.

30-05-2023 11:15

RE: BIG design update

The new dashboard: And the new front page:

25-05-2023 08:37

BIG design update

After getting reviews from a few users, it appeared that the design of the dashboard and the front page was seen as very 2010. This triggered me into redesigning the dashboard and the front page. I hope this project has now left 2010 entered 2023

25-05-2023 08:35

Simulation mode

In simulation mode, you can do everything you can do in normal/live mode. The difference is that in simulation mode, everything is simulated (fake). If you, as a publisher, create a shop and send an order to auction, it will receive bids from fake ads[...]

03-05-2023 12:31

Connect your shop

You can add any shop to the system by using the 'Email' shop type. When using the 'Email' shop type you will receive a custom email address. To this email address you can send a copy of your shop orders. Note that you can send the copy of your orders[...]

03-05-2023 11:47

How to become an affiliate?

Any existing advertiser and publisher can join the affiliate program by following the steps below: Login and access your dashboard. Click your name in the top right corner and pick "User profile". Click the "Referral program" tab and make sure the "Referral[...]

01-05-2023 12:34

PkgAds affiliate program

Help your audience grow their business effortlessly with PkgAds and earn up to 50% commissions per referral. Become an Affiliate At PkgAds we offer an affiliate system with multiple programs. When you join our affiliate system and send advertiser and/[...]

01-05-2023 12:27

Referral program

To help PkgAds attract more advertisers and publishers, I've created a referral system. When you join the referral program and send advertisers and/or publishers to our platform, you will receive a certain percentage of our profits. All referral programs[...]

01-05-2023 12:10

How can i create an ad?

We support multiple ways of creating a printed ad: Template. Wysiwyg editor. External vector software (like Adobe Illustrator) and uploading the graphic.

24-04-2023 15:12

How can i keep the costs under control?

By specifying a campaign budget and maximum bid price, you can control how much you spend on your ad campaigns.

24-04-2023 15:08

How can i pick that orders to bid on?

You can use keyword targeting and geo-targeting to automatically pick the orders you want to bid on.

24-04-2023 15:07

How much does it cost?

How much you must bid to get an ad in a specific package depends on many factors. If you for example target a highly popular keyword, you will likely need a higher bid price when targeting a very specific keyword or combination of keywords. Your best[...]

24-04-2023 14:58

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout it currently set at €50. This can be changed to up to €1000.

24-04-2023 14:49

How much do i get paid when i insert an ad in one of my packages?

It depends on what an advertiser is willing to bid in the auction. You usually receive the bid price excluding a service fee. If you're for example selling high-end phones, an advertiser will likely pay a lot more to get their ad in your package compared[...]

24-04-2023 14:46

Can i automatically print ads?

Yes, you can automatically print ads with PrintClient.

24-04-2023 14:25

Finalizing things before going public

I'm currently finalizing things, so the project can go public. In this update:

  • Correctly handle VAT.
  • Generate invoices when payment is made.
  • Require invoice data before advertiser can deposit to account balance.

24-04-2023 14:21

RE: White labeling

In addition to the above post, I've fixed a few bugs related to the Demo functionality. First time visitors can create a demo account to preview the platform.

21-04-2023 09:31

White labeling

The PkgAds platform always supported white labeling, but it wasn't available for the public. In today's update, the white labeling functions have been fine-tuned and tested, and I've written a page about the subject: [url=http://support.pkgads.com/pages[...]

21-04-2023 09:28

White label

The PkgAds platform supports white labeling. Large webshops, stores with shop-in-shop concept, or even fulfillment centers, can create their own private auction to auction off in-package space to the highest bidder. Please contact us for more details[...]

18-04-2023 12:29

More fine tuning

I did a bit more fine-tuning of the entire PkgAds system, including: [list] Demo users can now change graphic of type "template". [*] The type icon in the graphics list now includes a link to directly[...]

13-04-2023 13:43

Simulator fine tuning

The simulator has been fine-tuned since today's update, which includes: [list] [*] The auto simulator is now working, the auto simulator generated orders that will trigger a fake auction which ads from advertisers, that are currently logged in, will win[...]

06-04-2023 12:18

RE: Simulation mode

24-03-2023 12:43

Simulation mode

The PkgAds now support simulation mode. In simulation mode you can do everything you can do in normal/live mode. The difference is that in simulation mode everything is simulated (fake). So if you create a shop, send an order to auction it will receive[...]

24-03-2023 12:38

All shop software/scripts are supported (almost)

A new shop type has been added: "Email". When you configure your shop with type "Email" you will receive an email address to which you can send or forward all your order emails. These orders will enter to auction. Our software doesn't know what is where[...]

16-03-2023 15:51

A new week, a new update

A new week, a new update: [list] A preview image of the ad is send to the publisher when the ad needs to be inserted. [*] Using printclient and the control panel with[...]

08-03-2023 15:07

BIG update

A new BIG update has been uploaded which includes: [list] A publisher can now upload proof of ad inserts to improve[...]

01-03-2023 15:56

Service fee explained

For every auction executed on our platform we take 10% of the winning bid.

23-02-2023 13:21

Auction fine tuned

In today's update I've fine-tuned the auction process and a few other things, including: [list] get shopify subdomain from shop URL. cleaned[...]

23-02-2023 12:46

Connect your Shopify shop

Connecting your Shopify shop should be quite easy, please follow the steps below. Before continuing, make sure you have created a shop. Click 'Shops' in the sidebar, a list with all your shops appear. Click the green 'Edit' button of the shop you wish[...]

21-02-2023 14:44

Complaint system

Today's update includes a simple complaint system which allows users to submit a complaint. A member of the abuse team will handle the complaint. In addition, a button "Add and submit complaint" has been added on the "Black-list" form.

16-02-2023 13:19

Block or whitelist an advertiser

As a publisher, you can block advertisers, for example, if you don't like the quality of their ads. Go to the advertiser profile. Click the "Add to black list" link. A form appears, confirm the subject. Enter an optional reason (for your eyes only) And[...]

15-02-2023 15:12

Block a publisher

If you are unhappy with a publisher (an online store owner) and do not want to bid on any package space from this publisher, you can add him on your black list. Go to the publisher's profile page. Click the "Add to black list" link, if you can't see this[...]

15-02-2023 15:08

RE: Help system update

For example the page to add a campaign displays the knowledge base article on how to add a campaign ( http://support.pkgads.com/kb/8.html ). [url=http://images.wireduni.com/2/2023/7/7.png][/url[...]

15-02-2023 14:43

Help system update

This afternoon I have uploaded an update which includes a update to the help system. The help system, in the control panel, now appears by default (but can be hidden). It uses content from this support site, including the support forums and knowledge[...]

15-02-2023 14:40

Privacy policy

[Work in progress] Data collected For users, email, password and title are collected after completing the onboarding. Advertisers can add campaigns, ads, graphics and landing pages, this information is also saved. Shops added by publishers are also saved[...]

15-02-2023 14:28

Terms of service


15-02-2023 14:23

Transaction slang / abbreviations

The Transaction section of the control panel abbreviations to improve readability. What follows is a short description of the used abbreviations: ADV, advertiser PUB, publisher BAL, balance CAM, campaign RES, reserved AD, advertisement DEP, deposit Abbreviations[...]

15-02-2023 12:25

Graphic requirements

A graphic for an ad has a few requirements, these might be handy when you create your own graphic using your own software/tools: Page size should be A4. No raster images, i.e. no photo's, better use vector images. Black & white, no color.

10-02-2023 09:23

Create a graphic

A graphic is the visual part of an ad. It is what the end user sees. The final graphic is a black & white PDF file in A4 format. A graphic can be created in 3 three ways: Upload a PDF, this PDF should already contain a graphic. Editor, use our visual[...]

10-02-2023 09:17

Ad template fixes and more

A small update has just been uploaded which includes:

  • Ad templates now support images.
  • Added a 'suggestion' link to the control panel, for the occasional suggestion.
  • Minor fixes.

09-02-2023 12:48

Create ads with templates

I've just added a new way to create templates. We already had:

  • PDF, simply upload a pdf
  • Editor, use our visual editor to create an ad
And there is a new way: Templates. You simply pick a template and customize your ad using form[...]

08-02-2023 12:34

Ad editor fixes

I've just uploaded a new update with a lot fixes and fine tuning for the ad editor: [list] Fixed ad pdf generation being stuck. [*] Removed letter spacing and border radius cause pdf doesn't[...]

01-02-2023 13:11

Media upload

A new update for the pkgads project has been uploaded which includes: [list] Advertisers can now create folders to categorize images [*] Uploaded media can now be used in the graphic editor[...]

30-01-2023 10:03

Update update update

  • Added a shop directory.
  • Added "Hide shop from shop directory" option to shop.
  • Added feature to upload log to shop.
  • Several fixed and fine-tuning points.

24-01-2023 12:37