Keyword matching in auction

When a customer orders a product in an online store from a registered publisher, our platform receives a copy of the order.

Let's imagine a received order for a single product described as "apple iphone pro in protected case".

An advertiser can create an ad which targets keywords, for example:

  • Advertiser joop has an ad with keywords: iphone
  • Advertiser piet has an ad with keywords: apple, iphone

When the order "apple iphone pro in protected case" enters the automatic auction, the ad of advertiser piet wins, cause both keywords "apple" and "iphone" match the order description.

Pricing factor

But of course there are many more factors which come in play when deciding who wins the auction, for example pricing. For example:

  1. Joop adds a pay a max. bid price of 10 credits.
  2. Piet adds a max. bid price of 1 credit.

Now advertiser joop wins because he is willing to bid way more than piet.

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