Simulation mode

In simulation mode, you can do everything you can do in normal/live mode. The difference is that in simulation mode, everything is simulated (fake).

If you, as a publisher, create a shop and send an order to auction, it will receive bids from fake ads in a simulated auction. You will also receive a request to insert an ad. Just like in live mode.

Advertisers in simulation mode receive 1000 euro on their balance to play around with. Create campaigns, ads, graphics and let them bid in (fake) auctions.

See and test how everything works, get to know the system, before entering live mode. 

Enter simulation mode

To enter simulation mode, select the "Simulation mode" on the login page.

You can also quickly switch between "Live" and "Simulation" when you're logged in by clicking the "Enter simulation mode" (or "Simulation mode enabled") orange section in the top right corner.

Exit simulation mode

Once you are in simulation mode, you can exit by clicking "Simulation" in the sidebar and clicking the "Exit simulation mode" link.

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