Connect your Shopify shop

Connecting your Shopify shop should be quite easy, please follow the steps below.

  1. Before continuing, make sure you have created a shop.
  2. Click 'Shops' in the sidebar, a list with all your shops appear.
  3. Click the green 'Edit' button of the shop you wish to connect.
  4. Select the "Shopify" tab.
  5. Enter the subdomain of your Shopify shop, for example when your Shopify url is "" the subdomain is "bigshop" (without quotes).
  6. Press the "Change" button to save the changes.
  7. Now go to your Shopify dashboard and install the "PkgAds" app.

When you have finished the previous step, your shop should be connected to PkgAds. To confirm, go to the PkgAds dashboard, go to your shops and click the "Edit" button. Next, select the "Shopify" tab and confirm that the "Enabled" field says "Yes".

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