Transaction slang / abbreviations

The Transaction section of the control panel, abbreviations to improve readability. What follows is a short description of the used abbreviations:

  1. ADV, advertiser
  2. PUB, publisher
  3. BAL, balance
  4. CAM, campaign
  5. RES, reserved
  6. AD, advertisement
  7. BANK, a bank
  8. DEP, deposit
  9. PAYOUT, a payout

Abbreviations can be combined using a dot:

  1. ADV.BAL, advertiser balance, which is simply your balance that can be used for bidding on ads.
  2. CAM.BAL, campaign balance, which is the amount of credits reserved for all enabled campaigns.
  3. RES.BAL, reserved balance, the amount of credits that is reserved for when a publisher inserts your ad.

A transaction usually has a source and a target, i.e. credits go from one place to another.

  1. DEP -> ADV.BAL, deposit to advertiser balance, an advertiser increased their balance by buying a few credits.

If you have any questions, feel free to post a topic on our support forums.

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