Create a graphic

A graphic is the visual part of an ad. It is what the end user sees.

The final graphic is a black & white PDF file in A4 format. Read the full requirements.

A graphic can be created in 3 three ways:

  • Upload a PDF, this PDF should already contain a graphic.
  • Editor, use our visual editor to design a graphic.
  • Template, use an ad template to create a graphic.

Upload a PDF
This is quite simple. You design and create a graphic for your ad using your own software (for example, Adobe Illustrator, or any other program that can generate PDF's). Once you are happy with the result, you simply upload the PDF.

With the help of our visual editor you can design and create a graphic for your ad. The visual editor includes building blocks for common ads. It also allows you to edit and style the building blocks. After you're happy the system will generate a PDF for the ad.

We have created a few predefined graphic templates. You can simply pick one you like and change the properties, like images, text. Once you are happy with the result you can generate a PDF or covert it to "Editor" type and continue changing it in the visual editor.

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