Connect your WooCommerce shop

Connecting your WooCommerce online shop is also quite easy:

  1. You have created a shop in the dashboard.
  2. Click "Shops" in the sidebar of the dashboard, click the "Edit" button of the shop you want to connect.
  3. The form to change your shop appears, click the "WooCommerce" tab.
  4. Now click the "Setup" button to start the connect procedure.
  5. A new page describing the connect procedure appears, click the "Start connect" button.
  6. You are now redirected to your own shop, if you're now logged in, please log in with your own shop account.
  7. Now your own shop asks you if you would like to connect your shop to PkgAds, just click the "Approve" button.
  8. After a little wait, a page should appear that said that the connection has been made.

Now your WooCommerce shop is connected to the PkgAds platform and will send a copy of the orders to the PkgAds platform. The order will enter the auction, in which advertisers will bid to get their ad inserted in the package you will ship.


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